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How can I start the default file manager from terminal?

Starting with Juno release, the commands have all changed. They're adopting RDNN. For files: io.elementary.files
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Working with photos in ElementaryOS

When searching for Gwenview I came across Eye of Gnome (eog). https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/EyeOfGnome It doesn't have as many editing tools, but it also doesn't have most of the issues I ran into with ...
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Working with photos in ElementaryOS

Try Gwenview instead. It's available via Softwarecenter. Change in Setup -> Applications -> Image Viewer
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How to run caja without terminal?

You need to create a .desktop file and put it inside ~/.local/share/applications. To do that open any text editor and modify the following code to make it work with your app. Please modify the Exec= ...
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The File Browser dialog always opens last viewed folder, instead of contextually appropriate location

The file chooser stores its last used folder when it closes and re-opens in the same place initially. I do not think the file-chooser can itself determine the context of the calling app - it is up to ...
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What are the keyboard shortcuts in Photos?

The ones I could find so far: Ctrl + A Select all Ctrl + I Import from folder Ctrl + S New smart album Ctrl + F Search Return View photo Function keys: F9 Toggle showing sidebar (left panel) F10 ...
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Copy and paste pictures doesn't work

Copying from Files (pantheon-files) and pasting to LibreOffice does this indeed. You might want to file a feature request in pantheon-files: https://bugs.launchpad.net/pantheon-files/+filebug As a ...
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Sorting files in different maps (folders)

You can change the behaviour of program such as gedit that use the Gtk+3 filechooser by changing the dconf setting org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser.sort-directories-first using dconf-editor or from the ...
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How do I scan for and remove duplicate files in Pictures and Music folders?

The best tool I've found so far is DupeGuru. It's free and there is a PPA for Ubuntu. There are also specialized versions for picture and music files. Installation: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hsoft/...
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file is corrupt

Go to your Trash and delete the Trash with the drive plugged in. This automatically deletes the content of the .Trash folder(s) from all plugged in devices.
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