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Why don't I have "permission" to delete files off my USB bootable drive?

It may be that you do not have the permission to delete some files within that folder. The permission applied to the folder itself does not automatically get replicated to all its children. You need ...
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Parental Controls in elementary OS 5 not working

I have the same issue. The parental control does not do anything. My current workaround is to use ufw. For my son, I wanted him to only be able to get and send email on his own, hence I allowed only ...
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Permission to second hard drive? Denied!

you will need to mount the drive, elementary os does not auto mount drives like windows. to mount the drive try sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb(assumptive it's sdb) /home/[YOUR USER]/desktop this will ...
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Allow Adruino IDE access to USB ports?

I did more research and discovered that the Adafruit boards like the Trinket, Pro Trinket, Gemma, etc. do not show up in the serial port menu when connected via USB. You select the proper board, set ...
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Can't copy & paste file from comp to usb

gksudo nautilus won't work, since elementary OS does not come with Nautilus file manager. But there's an equivalent to that. Go to Applications, right click on Files, select New Window as ...
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SSH private key permissions suddenly changed

The warning is about the permissions of your private ssh key on your local host (~/.ssh/id_rsa) and you might want to try to reset the permissions to their defaults with chmod 700 ~/.ssh/ chmod 600 ~/...
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