Recently, installed Loky in dual boot mode with Win10 in my laptop. The installtion seemed to run ok. When the install program requested to restart, I did it, but the grub bootloader didn't show up, and the machine started directly to Windows. Will appreciate any suggestion that will help me troubleshoot this problem. Thanks.

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This is a possible duplicate : GRUB not showing after installing Elementary OS alongside Windows 10

In Windows, go to the menu and search for Command Prompt, right click on it to run it as administrator

Copy paste the command below:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi
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This is more of a comment for which I at this point still lack the reputation. Does your computer have a UEFI bootloader? If so, have you ensured that Secure Boot is off? (An appropriate switch can often be found in the BIOS settings menu.) Also concerning UEFI and in the case that you did in fact disable Secure Boot: Once again boot into the BIOS menu and verify the priority of your boot options: It might be that the Windows Bootloader is still taking precedence over Grub. In that case adjust things appropriately (which once again can be done in most modern BIOS settings).


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