I installed elementary OS Freya alongside Windows on an Asus Laptop. Installation goes well, but when I reboot to finally use elementary OS, I get only a black screen, grub> console.

Previously I installed Ubuntu 14.04 (alongside Windows) and everything was fine.

The only mod I did when I was running Ubuntu, was hide the grub menu to run Ubuntu by default without ask, but keeping Windows on disk.

Any help will be apreciated. Thanks


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There's many solutions for this on the web, I used another one not listed here, that's why my answer. This is the workaroud I used:

  • Install boot-repair

  • Go to Advanced options

  • Look for 'purge grub' option

  • Follow the steps


I got the exact same problem since 2 weeks and I managed to recover just yesterday.

I also have an asus vivobook and I was also stuck at grub (you can even go further and boot to a busybox/initramfs prompt but it's not helping).

You have to install elementary 0.3 released on 2015-04-11. I think it handles in a much better way the boot than the 0.3.1 version. So just do a live usb of 0.3 and install it to replace 0.3.1

Once 0.3 is installed, the update manager will install all the updates from 0.3.1 :)



I've experienced the problem of Freya booting straight to the Grub console after installation. However, I did not have dual boot.

I managed to fix the issue by following the steps laid out by Rob Hartley in the following link:


Maybe it helps you, too! Good luck with it. After that initial hick up and some configuration I am starting to really like my laptop with elementary OS on it and I hope you have a similarly good experience!

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