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4 votes

Differences between gnome-terminal and pantheon-terminal

When comparing Gnome Terminal vs Pantheon Terminal, the Slant community recommends Pantheon Terminal for most people. In the question “What are the best Linux terminal emulators?” Pantheon Terminal ...
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3 votes

How can I set my top right hotcorner to open Terminal?

You can set in Settings/Desktop under the Hot Corners tab (I put pantheon-terminal but you can choose gnome-terminal as well if you have installed it):
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2 votes

Disable Blinking cursor in Pantheon Terminal

Pantheon Terminal uses the VTE widget kit and can be customized via the dconf registry. You can turn off the blinking with dconf-editor under org.gnome.desktop.interface or via the command line: ...
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1 vote

Ctrl + C cant kill process in terminal

In Terminal's settings, toggle off Natural Copy/Paste as shown in the image below. Now Ctrl+C should work as you expect.
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