Option 1: Install GNOME System Monitor with the Software Center Open up the Software Center from the Applications menu Search for GNOME System Monitor Select GNOME System Monitor from the results and click install. You can now launch the GNOME System Monitor. It will look something like this: Option 2: Install the GNOME System Monitor in the Terminal Open ...


Maybe this link will help you. The terminal is capable of showing you running processes via the top command. All you need to do is open a terminal, whether on your desktop or, if things have frozen by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 - F12, logging in and entering the top command.


In Terminal's settings, toggle off Natural Copy/Paste as shown in the image below. Now Ctrl+C should work as you expect.


Open AppCentre and go to the updates tab. Wait some seconds til it loads everything and go to the Drivers section. There install the latest nvidia driver (the one that has a higher number, in my case is 384, it may be different in yours). When it finishes installing everything, reboot your system. Now go to Applications and search for "NVIDIA X Server ...


I was experiencing the same unresponsive behaviour yesterday after an update. I couldn't track it down to Maya, but basicly the whole system froze a few seconds after login. For me, the issue was resolved today by updating the system again: Go to console after the system has started up (ctrl+alt+F1 or just ctrl+F1) Run sudo apt-get update followed by sudo ...

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