I'm currently working with an updated Elementary OS 5.1.2 Hera". After some of the last updates the system started to change the behavior when I copy and paste files/folders from the file browser (I am suing the default io.elementary.files).

Before the change: after selection of a file/folder, I used to to copy with CTRL-C, then going into a text editor or the terminal with CTRL-V I just pasted the full (absolute) file path or directory eg:


Recently this wonderful behavior changed, in the sense that when I do CTRL-V in editors/terminal it pastes


Now it is so annoying to go back and forth and delete file:// from the filepath.

Is there any way to get back to the good old behavior?


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I haven't done any setting, but after last update today the issue disappeared.

Therefore, now copying a file into Files and pasting into terminal/text editor does the right this, e.g. it pastes


I wonder where this has been fixed.


This behavior has been changed. Now it just copies and pastes whatever path you copy directly. I don’t believe it’s a setting that you can change, but make sure your eOS install is on the latest version with all of the updates.

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