Just switched back to eOS to try eOS6, I've done two installs, and both times upon upgrading to the latest update, the Compress and Extract options are missing from right-click. Even double clicking on a zip file shows no apps that can decompress.

Tried re-installing file-roller, but that doesn't seem to integrated into the right-click menu, although I can now extract and compress manually using file-roller.

I suspect it is the latest update to Files. Has anything one encountered this, is there a fix currently?

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Managed to solve this. It seems this issue affects those who update via the terminal.

sudo apt install --reinstall org.gnome.fileroller
  • This was, indeed, my problem. I do updates with sudo apt dist-upgrade routinely, when AppCenter is acting flaky.
    – Kevin E
    Feb 3, 2022 at 6:24

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