Asus gaming laptop with 1920x1080p 120hz screen and Nvidia 1070. Comes up unknown display and locks it at 800x600 if uninstall the driver the screen works fine at the full-res and 120hz

  • Can you please describe the steps you took to install the nVidia driver? And the laptop's model might be of help.
    – Vlad
    Commented Oct 10, 2019 at 15:21

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In have the same problem. I always had issues with nvidia drivers like this so I never install them, but this time I needed to install CUDA for development and tried to install on the side, installation was not succesful, I uninstalled all nvidia marked software, but I still have the display "unknown" and my resolution is off (large fonts etc) The old laptop is HP and I have a HP external screen connected to it, no idea how to correct it.

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