I'm running eOS 5.1.7 (Hera). I see that Apache2 is installed (/usr/sbin/apache2). However, /etc/apache2 is weird; it only has two directories: conf-available/(javascript stuff) and mods-available/ (dns stuff)

There is no apachectl nor does there appear to be a service unit for systemctl. I'm guessing that out-of-the-box, eOS/Hera does not have a full and proper Apache2 install in place. I don't know why eOS would only go half way when installing Apache.

To get a fully functional Apache installation, can I just (re)install Apache over this?

  • apache2-bin is a dependency of switchboard-plugin-share and gnome-user-share, both integral parts of eOS. This is not a full Apache server installation.
    – Guest
    Dec 1, 2020 at 20:39

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It is not clear to me what the question is, but you can easily install apache2 following any online tutorial for ubuntu 18.04

sudo apt install apache2 should do the trick

systemctl start apache2 to start it

systemctl enable apache2 to set it autostart.



apache2-bin is a dependency of apache2, and, as stated here:

contains the binaries only and does not set up a working web-server instance. Install the "apache2" package to get a fully working instance.

  • The issue is, there's already some kind of Apache2 installed; /usr/sbin/apache2 exists as well as /etc/apache2/ (with files that make no sense to me). The question is, can I ignore the fact that there's already (a form of) Apache installed and just ... install over it? Will this break anything?
    – LiamF
    Dec 1, 2020 at 17:37

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