In ubuntu i could hide a partition by going into the disks application, but in pantheon i cant find tha app, so how would i go about hiding an ntfs partition in pantheon files? ubuntu writes something in /etc/fstab file but i can't remember what it is, thanks in advance.

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Method 1:(tried)

You can use GParted tool in elementary to achieve what you want. This is not provided by default. To install it type this in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install gparted  

Steps to make ntfs partitions hidden:

  1. Open gparted from slingshot menu
  2. Right-Click on desired ntfs partitions
  3. Goto Manage Flags
  4. Check hidden flag
  5. Log in and out or Restart

Remember to unmount the partition first.

Method 2:

Whichever filesystem you mount gets mounted to /media. In-order to hide it from pantheon files and nautilus, you need to mount it anywhere else than /media, optimal choice would be to mount it under /mnt.

Following is the link which describes how to do it in nautilus, it should be similar for pantheon files as elementary is a derivative of Ubuntu.(didn't try this for myself)

Link: hide ntfs partition in ubuntu nautilus (check the second and third answer, first answer uses disk utility in ubuntu)

  • Strange. Files 0.3.1 ignores this flag on one partition (hidden), but not on another (boot, hidden, esp). Commented Jan 22, 2017 at 9:09

Since you are already familiar with Disks and elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, why not use this application again?
Just open Software Center, search for Disks and install it.

Software Center

  • start Disks
  • select the partition, you want to hide
  • click at the gear icon and select Edit Mount Options
  • disable Automatic Mount Options
  • make sure Mount at startup and Show in user interface are unchecked


This partition won't be shown after the next login.

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