I have a problem, the calendar application icons are not visible after the eos installation. It does not even appear over time. I have reinstalled the system several times and in vain, it doesn't work. And there is no icon only in this menu, in the rest of the menu it is



Go to the AppCenter and install AppEditor https://appcenter.elementary.io/com.github.donadigo.appeditor

You can configure the App Icons for each app. So just select the calendar icon for the Calendar app.

Idk why you face such problems though, maybe it's releated to the language you use.

  • It doesn't work, I change the icon to another, and it doesn't change. It's some kind of system glitch. Initial system installation changes nothing. – John Smith Dec 20 '19 at 23:09

It looks like this is an issue in Calendar. I've filed an issue on GitHub; you can give that a 👍️ reaction to show you're affected, and you can use the Subscribe feature on GitHub to get a notification when there's an update.

  • This issue may only be for the Ukrainian version of Elementary OS. This problem needs to be addressed. I'm a simple user. It's my job to tell the developers what the problem is. And it's not my business to solve it. – John Smith Dec 20 '19 at 23:19

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