After performing a fresh install of Loki 0.4.1 on my White Macbook 2010, which worked perfectly, I proceeded to update the system from within the App Center itself. When I rebooted, after entering my disk password (it's encrypted), I got stuck on a black screen with the mouse pointer. I can move it and press enter (which sometimes hides the cursor, but ends up showing it again). I can also open a tty (but it closes itself from time to time to show again the black screen with the pointer, almost like if I were stuck on a loop).

I have tried several things after this:

  • Download and install elementaryOS 5.0 Beta 2. Black Screen.
  • Download and install elementary0S 0.4.1 Works fine.
  • Upgrade a fresh 0.4.1 install. Stops working and black screen appears again.

I have no idea of what to do now, so I would really appreciate if someone could walk me through.

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Ok, I found the answer.

  1. Once eOS is installed and booted (stuck on the black screen), Open a tty (find a way to access your command line, like ctrl+alt+fn+F1 on a Mac) and login.
  2. sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  3. Add the parameter nouveau.modeset=0 at the end of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="".
  4. Save (ctrl+x), run sudo update-grub, and reboot.

Now it works (not sure what are the implications of setting nouveau.modeset=0 performance wise, if any)

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