It doesn't show on update manager (as someone told it could be done thay way); Also, I updated kernel to .19 version but updater has new updates for .16 version... I have ppa installed, should I keep them? On updater settings, should all options be "ticked as ok"?


As stated in the announcement in the official blog:

If you’re already running Freya, you will already have received all of the above (with the exception of the newly added hardware support) in your regular updates.

So, by normally updating your system you get the 0.3.1 release (bar the hardware enablement stack). If you want the full experience, a clean install is always recommended.

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  • I have problems getting updates. Sometimes it doesn't install everything, just partially. The OS already shows on info 0.3.1 version. But now I can't install stuff correctly and always getting the warning boot partition low space (actually 0 bytes left). Like I stated in a comment below – AntonioS Sep 13 '15 at 20:21

I would recommend a re-install, using the 0.3.1 iso. You can do so without losing your data. See link


I would also do an Aptik Backup too. I've updated 3 systems to 0.3.1 using this with no data loss.

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  • I can't do complete updates but somehow, the last time I tried the OS info shows version 0.3.1 but that caused some problems: since this happened I always get notification/warning (when booting and installing apps - which sometimes fails) which says boot partition no space left or something similar. I searched on the topic but I don't know which files to remove from boot partition/folder and I don't know how to merge boot and root partitions. If I do as you say, would this get solved? (obrigado pela resposta) – AntonioS Sep 13 '15 at 20:12

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