I have been trying to create global hotkeys for Parlatype using xbindkeys, following instructions on Parlatype's Github page.
So I added the following lines to ~/.xbindkeysrc:

"qdbus com.github.gkarsay.parlatype /com/github/gkarsay/parlatype com.github.gkarsay.parlatype.PlayPause"
   Shift + space

#Jump back
"qdbus com.github.gkarsay.parlatype /com/github/gkarsay/parlatype com.github.gkarsay.parlatype.JumpBack"
   Shift+Alt + Left

#Jump forward
"qdbus com.github.gkarsay.parlatype /com/github/gkarsay/parlatype com.github.gkarsay.parlatype.JumpForward"
   Shift+Alt + Right

Unfortunately, as much as it had worked perfectly in past versions of Elementary OS, this time the process yields no results, Parlatype remained unresponsive both in the fore- and in the background.

Many thanks to everyone who will help me solve this :)

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