I've been trying to download the latest version of VLC which is 3.something (my elementary OS has vlc 2.1.6 rincewind).

If I go to the Videolan download page or if I use Software Center they both revert to the old version of VLC which is no longer supported.

Do I have to use Terminal?

In which case is anybody able to tell me the exact commands to use as I have no idea whatsoever how to use the command line.

Any help gratefully appreciated. When adding tags, the information said that Freya has been superseded by Loki.

  • Should I simply upgrade to Loki?
  • Is Loki a better OS and does it update VLC, which Freya doesn't?
  • Also, as a supplementary, does anyone know of a good idiot's guide to using the command line?


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This is still an old question but that's why there was a different version between the AppCenter and the official repository.

It is possible to install an application, without touching the Source.list via the well-known command:

$ sudo apt install <package-name>

But elementary OS is based on Ubuntu and therefore also follows the packages for the Ubuntu distribution on which it is based. If a version of Ubuntu does not support or validate a version of a package, then you will not have the latest version of the package via the classic method above

You can install a package in this most recent version generally by following the tutorial from the official website

At the time of this writing, in December 2019, VideoLAN recommends using Snap to install the latest stable package for Ubuntu OS

Informations here

So if today (2019) we want the very latest version of VLC through the official repository, we must do these commands

# Install snap
# add the arg -y for auto answer Yes (confirm action)
$ sudo apt install snap -y

# Install VLC via snap
$ sudo snap install vlc

To make sure you have the latest version of VLC the commands you would use are

$ sudo apt-get update 

$ sudo apt-get upgrade 

$ sudo apt-get install vlc

this will install the latest VLC that is in your repo's

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