How can I control pointer using keyboard instead of mouse on elementary OS Freya?

Universal Access > Pointing and Clicking > Mouse keys (turn on) ... yeah it works but pointer's speed is ridiculously slow and Options sections and Mouse settings are not available. Any third party application can handle it or maybe exist native or more traditional solution for that?

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xkbset can be used to set various options available in the XKB extensions. This includes such things as mousekeys where one can use the numeric pad keys to move the mouse;


Open Terminal

install xkbset with:

sudo apt-get install xkbset  

after successfull installation type:

xkbset ma 60 10 10 5 2   

or try your own values. here the options

xkbset ma [delay] [interval] [time to max] [max speed] [curve]


after every shutdown or reboot you had to activate it again or you create a little autostart option

Autostart xkbset ma 60 10 10 5 2

  • go to Settings -> applications -> autostart
  • there you can add an application to start after login. We use the custom command field to enter our command like the picture below
  • after entering the command press enter to activate it.

enter image description here

  • Just a note, there is a bug with mousekeys (and a kludgy workaround) noted at the end of this thread
    – elmato
    Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 15:34

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