If I use shutdown options from Panel menu (indicators: session) it shows the shutdown options:

enter image description here

no matter if I click shutdown or reboot, the system doesn't do anything. It doesn't care.

Shutdown in terminal works (with sudo): e.g.

sudo shutdown -h now

Is there a property to set? I did already search, but I didn't found...

Thank you for your inputs.

Update: syslog:

wingpanel[1855]: session_widgets_userbox_update_state: assertion 'self != NULL' failed wingpanel[1855]: EndSessionDialog.vala:177: Unable to shutdown: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InteractiveAuthorizationRequired: Interactive authentication required.

Update: Would it help if I add shutdown in sudoers.d/File? So no authentification would be needed?

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if you could give some more information I could help you.

By this I mean, if you modified something or installed an app before it happened.


  • Oh sorry, I can't remember. I got this behaviour already several weeks. What I can say: sometimes it works. But very rarely. I already tried to find something in log files. maybe it's something about permissions. Maybe you can give me a hint which log or what kind of entries I can check specially is: I installed Citrix Workspace app (for remote access).
    – Qaldak
    Commented May 5, 2020 at 21:13

I tried to avoid this, but after installing new nvidia-340 driver the "shutdown"-button in the menu works.

driver version: nvidia-340 340.108

Now, I have a little problem the screen resolution in the login screen is not correct (or sometimes the wallpaper). But I think this is to fix soon. ;)

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