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Deleted wallpapers still showing up in "Desktop"
3 votes

Actually, I found it. Elementary OS stores wallpaper cache for Applications->System Setting->Desktop in: ~/.local/share/backgrounds Really confusing to find especially after googling for solutions ...

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How can I make the panel display a battery estimate for both batteries?
2 votes

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: Actually, I just discovered that the external battery is being used first. It was a simple removal of external battery and checking what battery power is at and the putting in the ...

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Screen tearing Intel HD 5500
1 votes

It turns out I just had to restart the computer for it to take effect(of course!). Type the following into the terminal to get rid of screen tearing for intel CPU/integrated graphics. In this case I ...

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How to keep password protection to individual files/folders
1 votes

For individual files, I usually just compress files as .zip, then enter a password to protect it. When you try to open the compressed file, it asks you for the password.

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Touchscreen/Digitizer support
Accepted answer
0 votes

Elementary OS does support wacom tablets. There is even a hardware icon in "System Settings" under "Hardware" that says "Wacom Tablet". I don't use a wacom tablet, but it is still there so I imagine ...

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