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Mounted windows network folders do not show in open save box on native apps
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tl;dr: As a workaround, you could create a symlink, say, in your Desktop or home directory to /var/run/user/<UID>/gvfs/smb-share:server=yadayada. Then drag that symlink into the sidebar to ...

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How do I move the X (close) button on Firefox to the left?
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Top: Thunderbird; bottom: Firefox with the title bar turned off in the "Customize" menu, and the userChrome.css customizations described below The GTK+ theme shown above is elementary-x, but the ...

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Firefox Dropdowns in wrong location
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If you have an existing profile that you don't want to lose, and if you're not using Firefox Sync, you may run into difficulties trying to migrate that profile into the Firefox snap. For what it's ...

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