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I'm a Software Developer for about three years now. I enjoy system design, writing back-end code, doing some front-end stuff.

I mostly use Python as a core tech, because it has a wonderful environment to develop complex Information Systems from scratch. There are many reliable building blocks that you can build various services with. My personal favorite is Django -- their title "The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines" speaks for itself.

In my free time I usually playing around some Machine Learning stuff, making some pet projects and research various things. For example, I have ran across GatsbyJS, which allows to build truly serverless architecture by compiling the project into many html files, so the whole web app can live directly in a CDN, allowing you to make fast reliable web applications without building complex IS. It thrilled me so much, so I've decided to build a blog with it.

I relatively open person, so if you want to contact me -- just write me an email!

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