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× 894
Questions specific to elementary OS 0.4, codenamed "Loki".
× 630
Questions specific to elementary OS 0.3, codenamed "Freya". Freya has been superseded by Loki.
× 624
Questions specific to elementary OS 5.0, codenamed "Juno".
× 437
Questions about installing elementary OS in any supported architecture. Post-installation questions should not be under this tag.
× 322
for questions about updates and issues after updating
× 294
should be used for display and video related issues. Questions about hardware issues and what display to buy are off-topic.
× 285
Questions about the bootup process in elementary OS. Use this tag if you have trouble booting elementary OS or you have questions about the bootup process.
× 283
options in a program that allow you to configure the program to suit your needs.
× 251
Questions about wingpanel, the bar that appears at the top of the screen. This includes both regular usage, and customization.
× 250
Questions about the default file manager, Files (also known as Pantheon Files), which can be used to perform all file management tasks, including accessing the entire file system.
× 248
a networking technology permitting the exchange of information through wireless (radio) connections.
× 242
Questions about installing software, either as binaries or from source code, as well as using the Software Center.
× 212
Questions about software that runs on elementary OS. This includes the default applications like Files and Mail, and also apps from the software center and those downloaded manually.
× 205
the operating system's lock/login screen. It is handled by the LightDM display manager and known as "Pantheon Greeter" in elementary OS, though other greeters are available.
× 204
For questions regarding the function of the entire operating system and issues that affect users system-wide.
× 195
Questions about keyboard shortcuts: both which ones to use and how to create custom shortcuts.
× 184
for networking and internet related issues in elementary OS
× 179
The elementary OS app store (replaces the Ubuntu Software Center).
× 178
the elementary OS app for entering text commands, formally known as Pantheon Terminal. For the Ubuntu terminal, use "gnome-terminal".
× 177
Questions about keyboards, both touch and otherwise. However, please add the "touchscreen" tag for touchscreen keyboard questions.
× 148
Questions about the graphics driver — system software that controls a computer's video adapter (aka graphics card) or GPU.
× 144
For questions regarding the installation of two or more operating systems on a single computer.
× 142
elementary OS's default dock. It shows active applications and is usually found at the bottom of the screen.
× 134
Questions about issues relating to drivers on elementary OS.
× 133
a set of unifying concepts used by graphical user interfaces to help users more easily interact with the computer.
× 129
Questions related to the configuration and activation of touchpad / trackpads.
× 128
Questions about sound issues with elementary OS spanning from sound cards, microphones and speakers/headset to the transfer of audio signals via audio port, bluetooth and HDMI.
× 125
Advanced Packaging Tool, the package manager for Debian-based distributions. It is also the most used tool for installing packages in Ubuntu. Questions about using any of the apt tools should use this…
× 114
Questions relating to Pantheon, elementary OS's desktop shell.
× 113
a special low-power mode often used on laptops that preserves the contents of RAM while using less power than normal.
× 108
the GRand Unified Bootloader, a BootLoader that can be used to boot most operating systems.
× 107
Questions relating to NVIDIA GPUs on elementary OS.
× 107
for issues relating to Bluetooth on elementary OS
× 103
Questions related to physical hardware, and how it interacts with elementary OS.
× 100
about changing the appearance of elementary OS and its applications. For questions about functionality, use application-specific tags.
× 100
default email client in elementary OS (formerly known as Geary)