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for questions about making elementary OS more accessible for users with disabilities, whether through the built-in features of the OS or additions
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Questions about running elementary OS with AMD hardware such as GPUs and CPUs.
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Questions relating to Android devices and elementary OS.
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The elementary OS app store (replaces the Ubuntu Software Center).
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Questions about software that runs on elementary OS. This includes the default applications like Files and Mail, and also apps from the software center and those downloaded manually.
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Shortcuts link users to apps and files in different directories. Shortcuts such as those in the Applications menu ("Slingshot") conveniently collect links to all applications in one place.
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Advanced Packaging Tool, the package manager for Debian-based distributions. It is also the most used tool for installing packages in Ubuntu. Questions about using any of the apt tools should use this…
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Aptitude is a quite powerful package manager leveraging CLI and an ncurses-style interface.
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Audience is the default video player application on elementary OS. For questions about video players in general, use the "video-player" tag.
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For questions about sound and audio issues on elementary OS
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the light behind a computer screen's LCD display that determines the screen's brightness
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the act of copying data for use in case the original is lost or damaged
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Bash is the shell used in elementary OS command-line interface.
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Questions about the battery life on elementary OS
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for issues relating to Bluetooth on elementary OS
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Questions about the bootup process in elementary OS. Use this tag if you have trouble booting elementary OS or you have questions about the bootup process.
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for questions relating to bumblebee. Always try updating bumblebee before posting.
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