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Questions about the default file manager, Files (also known as Pantheon Files), which can be used to perform all file management tasks, including accessing the entire file system.
default email client in elementary OS (formerly known as Geary)
103 questions
the elementary OS app for entering text commands, formally known as Pantheon Terminal. For the Ubuntu terminal, use "gnome-terminal".
188 questions
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For all questions relative to application or system performance issue.
20 questions
Permissions limit the users and groups that can access, write, and execute a file.
18 questions
7 questions
The default photo viewer application on elementary OS. Formerly known as "Shotwell".
32 questions
4 questions
3 questions
elementary OS's default dock. It shows active applications and is usually found at the bottom of the screen.
4 questions
Questions about power consumption on elementary OS
"Personal package archives" serve applications to the public. Launchpad users bundle and prepare packages for users, who can add PPAs via terminal commands or "Software & Updates".
48 questions
Questions about using printers with elementary OS.
63 questions
3 questions
1 question
Questions about scripting, and writing in any language that relates to elementary OS, for example BASH, Vala and QT.
33 questions
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17 questions
7 questions
11 questions
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4 questions
10 questions
Questions specific to elementary OS 0.3, codenamed "Freya". Freya has been superseded by Loki.
631 questions
Questions specific to elementary OS 5.1, code name "Hera".
369 questions
Questions specific to elementary OS 5.0, codenamed "Juno".
595 questions
Questions specific to elementary OS 0.4, codenamed "Loki".
895 questions
the number and ratio of pixels (visual data) shown on a computer display (e.g., 1024 x 768), also depicted as an aspect ratio or in pixel density (pixels per inch or cm). Use the "Display" tag for oth…
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