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"Personal package archives" serve applications to the public. Launchpad users bundle and prepare packages for users, who can add PPAs via terminal commands or "Software & Updates".
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Questions about using printers with elementary OS.
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Questions about scripting, and writing in any language that relates to elementary OS, for example BASH, Vala and QT.
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Questions specific to elementary OS 0.3, codenamed "Freya". Freya has been superseded by Loki.
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Questions specific to elementary OS 5.0, codenamed "Juno".
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Questions specific to elementary OS 0.4, codenamed "Loki".
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the number and ratio of pixels (visual data) shown on a computer display (e.g., 1024 x 768), also depicted as an aspect ratio or in pixel density (pixels per inch or cm). Use the "Display" tag for oth…
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For issues related to samba in elementary OS
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For questions about images taken by the computer to record the items on the monitor or other output device. This is a digital image taken by software running on the computer.
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Security covers a wide-ranging set of topics including Users, Permissions, Authentication, Authorization, Upgrades, Firewalling, Hardening, etc.
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options in a program that allow you to configure the program to suit your needs.
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For questions related to shell issues in elementary OS
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the act of hiding all windows to show the desktop
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Questions about issues shutting down elementary OS
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Questions relating to Microsoft's Skype VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application and services.