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for questions about dual-booting Windows and elementary OS and other Windows related issues after dual-booting. Questions about Windows are off-topic (head to SuperUser)
93 questions
a lightweight, fast, and free web browser. It aligns well with the Xfce philosophy of making the most out of available resources. It is the default browser in elementary OS.
21 questions
1 question
4 questions
Questions about mounting file systems. (Examples include a CD, a DVD, an external hard drive and a USB thumb drive.)
38 questions
The pointing device (generally referred to as the mouse). When referring to laptops, please specify if it is the trackpad and not an external mouse by using the trackpad tag.
107 questions
4 questions
13 questions
Questions about Noise, the default music player included in elementary OS
72 questions
The standard Ubuntu file browser. Note that the elementary OS file browser is pantheon-files.
6 questions
3 questions
0 questions
for networking and internet related issues in elementary OS
205 questions
2 questions
0 questions
Questions relating to notifications on elementary OS
63 questions
6 questions
2 questions
Questions relating to NVIDIA GPUs on elementary OS.
4 questions
8 questions
3 questions
20 questions
3 questions
12 questions
Tools for installing and maintaining software packages.
35 questions
Questions relating to Pantheon, elementary OS's desktop shell.
134 questions
0 questions
4 5
7 8