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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 87
for questions relating to running elementary OS on a MacBook
× 87
default email client in elementary OS (formerly known as Geary)
× 86
Questions related to physical hardware, and how it interacts with elementary OS.
× 86
for any question about the images that represent applications. These images show up in Slingshot and Plank. Questions can be about duplicates, icon packs, low quality icons and more.
× 71
The lightweight and stylish app launcher.
× 70
for graphics-related issues in elementary OS
× 66
Questions relating to running elementary OS on laptop computers.
× 65
Questions related to using/manipulating windows.
× 63
should be about both elementary OS and Ubuntu - a Linux distribution with an emphasis on ease of use and installation. Note that is specifically dedicated …
× 63
Questions about the files on elementary. Consider using pantheon-files for the file manager application.
× 60
Questions about Google Chrome web browser and related applications.
× 58
For questions about sound and audio issues on elementary OS
× 57
Questions about Noise, the default music player included in elementary OS
× 55
for GTK and theming related issues
× 53
Security covers a wide-ranging set of topics including Users, Permissions, Authentication, Authorization, Upgrades, Firewalling, Hardening, etc.
× 53
For questions about software development and related tools on elementary OS
× 52
Questions about using printers with elementary OS.
× 51
for issues relating to elementary OS and USB drives and booting elementary OS from a USB drive
× 50
for questions about dual-booting Windows and elementary OS and other Windows related issues after dual-booting. Questions about Windows are off-topic (head to SuperUser)
× 50
Questions relating to notifications on elementary OS
× 49
Questions related to the Vala programming language.
× 49
Questions about using and connecting to the internet on elementary OS
× 48
a window & compositing manager based on libmutter and designed by elementary for use with Pantheon Shell.
× 48
refers to the command line interface (CLI) and commands executed through the CLI
× 45
For questions regarding the processes that automatically run after booting or after the GUI login.
× 45
Questions about the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface that finally replaced the BIOS on newer desktops and laptops with the release of Windows 8. UEFI is independent from CPU architectures and sup…
× 44
For questions about elementary's official website, Please use a more specific tag for questions about the operating system (e.g., "system-installation", "applications", "updates").
× 44
For Questions related to Scratch - the default text and code editor shipped with elementary
× 44
Questions relating to running elementary OS on Intel computers.
× 42
relating to the setup and maintenance of hard disks and their partitions
× 42
Questions about power consumption on elementary OS
× 41
Questions about the Firefox web browser on elementary OS.
× 39
Questions about the battery life on elementary OS