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A daemon that relaunches critical applications if they crash or are killed.
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For questions related to issues on Chromebook and elementary OS
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For Questions related to code - the default text and code editor shipped with elementary OS
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refers to the command line interface (CLI) and commands executed through the CLI
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a lightweight system monitor for the X Window System
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Usually accessed via mouse right-click, these drop-down menus show users extended options for the clicked content
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the hidden configuration settings used in the GNOME desktop environment (within elementary OS). Please also tag with the related application.
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Questions regarding the decisions and rationale behind the design of elementary OS or its software.
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a set of unifying concepts used by graphical user interfaces to help users more easily interact with the computer.
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For questions about software development and related tools on elementary OS
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relating to the setup and maintenance of hard disks and their partitions
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should be used for display and video related issues. Questions about hardware issues and what display to buy are off-topic.
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Questions about issues relating to drivers on elementary OS.
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For questions regarding the installation of two or more operating systems on a single computer.