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webcam does not work (solved)

after 2 day trying I fixed it by: my laptop webcam is 05ca:1839 and the driver is r5u87x. so I did these steps: wget
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How do I disable a laptop camera

gedit admin:///etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf Then add this line: blacklist uvcvideo
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Logitech C922 1080 HD webcam unrecognized

Problem solved! Good folks at Elementary just posted an update to Camera. This Logitech model is now recognized by Elementary's Camera app and by Google Hangouts. Motion is actually rendered more ...
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Integrated webcam not working in Juno 5.0 on Dell XPS 9550

I have a dell e7250 and same issue with the stock camera app. Cheese worked fine. Should submit a bug to github
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MacBook Air Facetime HD

I had the exact same problem, MacBook Air late 2014. On Elementary Os Loki 4.1 Kernel: 4.9 after doing everything exactly the same as you, I ran: sudo modprobe -r facetimehd sudo modprobe -r bdc_pci ...
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camera and cheese not working

Cheese and "camera" seems to work all of a sudden. I would suspect it was from a linux kernel update or Elementary that I think happened. If this happens to you, either run it as sudo or wait until ...
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Macbook Air webcam not working

bcwc_pcie is an experimental "Linux driver for the Facetime HD (Broadcom 1570) PCIe webcam found in recent Macbooks". Install directions here!
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how to enable web-cam to record video?

Some times the webcam could be disabled. Try xinput --list xinput enable id-of-your-webcam
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