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Can't decrease Chrome size further

Right mouse click into the web page and choose "Inspect element" - it should open the web dev browser inspector with a lot of options for screen sizes including larger than your monitor (with some ...
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Cannot install angular on elementary os! Back up your computer. On the command line, in your home directory, create a directory for global ...
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Cannot install angular on elementary os!

From Install Globablly npm install -g @angular/cli Install Locally npm install @angular/cli In Linux, every time you install something, when ...
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Is anyone a Node.js developer using elementary OS?

I develop for Node, and React using EOS, I use Sublime Text usually, but I have VS Code installed too. I've used that for Golang and opened node projects with it. It works well. The terminal is great,...
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Can Apache 2.4, PHP be installed and used with elementary OS?

They should run fine! These applications all work on Ubuntu. In general, software that works on Ubuntu also work on elementary. I'm running Apache and PHP in a virtual server using Vagrant, and that ...
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