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4 votes

Wallpaper not updating (Loki)

You have to restart or at least reload gala to change the wallpaper, for exemple you can type in a terminal window: killall -HUP gala This might be related to a bug as well…
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3 votes

Switching wallpapers doesn't work on Juno

The same problem was solved for Loki previously. You have to restart (or at least reload) Gala to change the wallpaper. To do that, you can type or paste the following into Terminal: killall -HUP ...
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3 votes

How do I change the wallpaper through the command line?

Thanks to the Set Wallpaper Contract there already is a convenient way to set a new wallpaper: set-wallpaper Example: set-wallpaper ~/Downloads/coolpicture.png set-wallpaper some-name.png will set ...
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2 votes

Elementary OS Loki 0.4 - Background Image not changing (all black)

I had the same bug. I tried to change the path to my wallpaper in the config file but that didnt work. What DID work was: I copied my Wallapper in the directory where the default wallpaper is. if ...
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2 votes

What is this spacecraft in the Elementary OS default wallpaper?

This wallpaper was introduced with Elementary OS Loki. This photo is by SpaceX. I'm not sure what it was doing there. But this is SpaceX's Dragon and it's wallpaper was uploaded to Collection of ...
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1 vote

How do I get a different wallpaper for different workspaces

elementary OS does not currently support that as a feature. I've filed an issue on GitHub to track the request, though!
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1 vote

How to change my login background?

Elementary uses LightDM for login. Please refer to the LightDM arch wiki for info on the GTK+ Greeter and how to change the wallpaper. But basically you ...
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1 vote

How does The login sceen knows my custom wallpaper if i have my home folder permission to 700?

The answear is that it makes a copy with the same permissions in the root folder /var/lib/lightdm-data/. This way no matter what your home folder permissions are you will always have the choice to ...
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1 vote

Change Elementary OS Lock Screen Background With Vala and User Specific

I've found a solution in the official code of the elementary settings app. [DBus (name = "org.freedesktop.Accounts.User")] interface AccountsServiceUser : Object { public abstract void ...
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1 vote

Custom wallpaper set up through system settings shows up as black

This seems to be a bug. I've submitted the report. Please, follow the link and tell that you are affected too!
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1 vote

Glitch in wallpaper during transition from greeter to gala during login to desktop with HiDPI

The elementary team were kind enough to review and accept my patch which is now in trunk! It should be available in Loki's greeter release whenever it next gets an update I believe. Again, this just ...
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1 vote

Wallpaper not updating (Loki)

It looks like this is a known issue in Gala. The problem seems to be triggered by plugging in a new display. The workaround posted by lemonslice resolves the problem for me.
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1 vote

Can't make Wallch (wallpaper changer) show up in Loki, even though it's running

Couldn't resolve the Wallch issue, but loaded Variety and it does the job. Thanks.
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1 vote

I have problems with getting rid of nautilus handling my desktop

I found my answer, I used this command: gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons false
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1 vote

Wallpaper bigger that screen breaks wallpaper

instead of selecting from System Settings, go to your pictures folder,right click and select 'set as desktop background'that should work nicely
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1 vote

Authors and licenses of wallpaper images

Go to /usr/share/backgrounds (or here) to find the name of the wallpaper image file Find the corresponding license at (Some of ...
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1 vote

Can i use different wallpaper in my dual monitor?

There is no option in Elementary for that, but you can use a 3rd party program such as nitrogen. sudo apt-get install nitrogen
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1 vote

Can i use different wallpaper in my dual monitor?

Have you tried this application? :) Multi Monitor Tweaks It seems to be a tutorial for exactly the thing you want. ;)
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