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How can I Change VSCODE sidebar font

VS Code is an Electron app (built using web technologies), as opposed to a native app (using GTK). I don't believe you have any control over the fonts beyond whatever settings Microsoft have exposed ...
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Save window for Code app not displaying

I think it saves automatically with every change: Elementary OS Code save behavior This answer says "Ctrl+S will allow you to save the file to a specific location if you haven't already."
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Cannot find VS Code application on Elementary OS

This is more a snap thing than an eOS thing. In other words, I've seen the same behavior on other operating systems where I'd installed snaps. Here is a thread with a bunch of people who had issues ...
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Flutter development environment in elementary OS

I am here for share my experience with elementaryOS. I am installed the elementaryOS Juno version in my PC. Everything works fine. it's really fast and stable. I think it's better than Ubuntu OS for ...
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Juno - Notifications inside Visual Studio Code's integrated terminal

You can manage notifications here io.elementary.switchboard settings://notifications , if you can't change it/disable it there then you should ask their support channel directly. Ask a ...
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How can I Change VSCODE sidebar font

/usr/share/vscode/resources/app/out/vs/workbench/workbench.main.css Just edit font-family CSS to get different font in sidebar
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