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5 votes

Virtualbox installation window is too small to see the buttons

Please open the configuration of the VM, go to Settings - System - Motherboard - Extended Features, and make sure "Enable EFI" is selected. Apply the setting and start the VM, the resolution ...
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2 votes

Does Elementary run smoothly natively? [Slow and Buggy on Virtualbox]

There is some outstanding issue with VirtualBox hardware acceleration not working properly for 3D rendering. This has been known to cause significant performance issues, and is not representative of ...
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2 votes

VirtualBox Fail on Loki w/ Kernel 4.8

This is what works for me (keeping secure boot enabled), but you will need to do it every time the kernel is updated: 1. Create signing keys openssl req -new -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout MOK....
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2 votes

Virtualbox doesn't use elementary theme

This appears to be a known issue with virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS based systems: Here's the developer's response: Your system doesn't have minimum Qt ...
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2 votes

Virtualbox installation screen size too small

Checking the "Enable EFI" under System / Motherboard resolved it for me. From the better boot experience I am going to be checking this box on all future Linux builds.
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2 votes

Elementary OS 6 doesn't play well with VirtualBox

This worked for me for the installation issue: Boot the installer in EFI mode not legacy-BIOS mode. It's Settings->System->Enable EFI (special OSes only).
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1 vote

Can't install elementaryOS in virtualbox as guest screen 800x600

I got the solution from this thread : Virtualbox installation screen size too small Go to Settings > System > Motherboard > Extended features, check "[] Enable EFI (special OSes only)&...
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1 vote

Elementary OS 6 ISO unable to install in VMWare and VirtualBox

I am newbie with elementary. Want to try it out on VMWare and stuck with the small screen. Looking at the "Select a Language" page helplessly... It seems slow too... EDIT: Found a solution ...
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1 vote

How to install in Virtualbox?

I just recently installed Elementary in Virtualbox without an issue. Can you share a bit more information? Where in the process are you getting stuck? If you use the Wizard to create the machine, ...
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1 vote

Parental Controls in elementary OS 5 not working

I have the same issue. The parental control does not do anything. My current workaround is to use ufw. For my son, I wanted him to only be able to get and send email on his own, hence I allowed only ...
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1 vote

How can I change the resolution on Virtual Box

Ives, I use VirtualBox almost daily. I have a MacBook Pro with Elementary OS 5.0 and the screen resizes just fine. I had two hoops to jump through first: Add the Extension Pack a. Launch ...
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1 vote

VirtualBox Windows 10 Guest no keyboard on Start Menu

Please use this site to ask and answer things about elementary OS. If you have problem with Windows you can ask at Microsoft Community where you can get helped by volunteers and as well as Microsoft ...
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1 vote

VirtualBox Windows 10 Guest no keyboard on Start Menu

This problem eventually went away after updates to VirtualBox and Extensions.
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1 vote

Trying to run elementary on virtualbox

okay ... as suggested by Sam Morrow Drums ... adding my comment/suggestion as a solution that apparently worked for this user just a suggestion ... i have run Loki in VirtualBox and have not had ...
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1 vote

mount shared folder in Virtual Box

Do you mean vboxfs? Try it instead ;)
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1 vote

How to give a specific program more resources

You could try to use System Monitor(install from AppCenter) for these. First open System Monitor from Applications, and go click on Processes, and find your VM process, depends on which VM one you ...
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1 vote

Virtualbox host-only device changes network indicator state

There was a version of the indicator released on the 11th September 2017 that should resolve this issue. Connected networks are prioritized above disconnected networks when choosing which network to ...
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1 vote

Is there a public vagrant box available for Elementary OS Loki?

The TimWSpence/elementaryos box appears to be running Loki. As you can probably tell, Vagrant boxes are not maintained by the elementary OS team and may not be updated as new releases come out.
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1 vote

Sluggish performance on Oracle VM

Try disabling all video acceleration. Uncheck 3D acceleration. Do not check 2D acceleration. I did this and performance improved markedly. The problem seems to be graphics rendering.
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1 vote

Why is Loki's virtualized graphics performance so much worse than Freya's?

I am also on Freya and when I installed it in my Ubuntu 16.04, It worked fine. I didn't installed the Guest Additions, so try to remove them. And when I installed I used 2 CPUs. So also increase CPU ...
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1 vote

Oracle Virtualbox stopped working after kernel upgrade

Try running the following commands in the terminal sudo apt-get install g++-5 sudo apt-get install gcc-5 sudo rm -f /usr/bin/g++ sudo rm -f /usr/bin/gcc ln -s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/gcc-5 ln -s /usr/...
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1 vote

Trouble installing Virtualbox on Freya with kernel 4.4.0

I needed gcc4.9-multilib to recompile my DKMS modules after the upgrade.You can grab it out of the toolbox beta repository from Ubuntu. If that didn't work, post the log: cat /var/lib/dkms/vboxhost/...
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