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Da Vinci resolve would not even start

Try start the application up via the terminal. It might tell you what's going on. to list applications: $ ls /usr/share/applications to run one, use just the name: $ gtk-launch davinci-resolve
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kdenlive video editor won't start

The only way I have managed to run kdenlive is by an appimage. Works like a charm. This is what I recommend. https://kdenlive.org/download/ Latest stable AppImage (17.12.0) is available here: https:/...
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Loki: Known bug in X.Org X Server 1.18.4; how to update?

This upgrade is handled upstream by the Ubuntu project. This Launchpad bug tracks the integration of xserver 1.19.3 into Ubuntu. There are reports of Ubuntu failing to boot with the new version of X ...
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