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First, don't use unetbootin unless a distro specifically requests it. On Linux, your best bet is to just use DD (google how to do it with an iso), or use gnome disk utility (google it as well), or BalenaEtcher. On Windows, use Rufus, or again, use whatever method the install guide for the Distro recommends. Secondly, Elementary is based on Ubuntu LTS. ...


I'll echo babel's comments. I haven't found anything in a debian or ubuntu package that doesn't install in elementary. I think wine is even in the App Center. That being said, I did a lot of distro hopping before settling on elementary OS and I often find that nothing will work. Just a few days ago I had to wipe a drive that had OpenSUSE on it to install ...


Seems you're problem is about the boot media, not about elementary. Don't use UNetbootin, which usually fails. Use Etcher which usually is better. Either way, elementaryOS is based on Ubuntu, so if anything runs on Ubuntu it runs on elementary. I use elementaryOS and play a lot of games in Steam via Proton (a utility developed by Valve to run games via ...


Try setting it up on the BIOS. According to your BIOS you can find some option to tweak that. If there is not option in your BIOS for that, you can also use tlp. Check this question. Hope it helps.

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