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How to get HP laptop to boot rEFInd

I recommend that you first disable automatic boot repair from a console in Windows: bcdedit /set {current} recoveryenabled No Try now if that has solved your problem. If not, you may have to ...
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Cannot boot to elementary OS, boots to UEFI instead

Try efibootmgr sudo efibootmgr -o XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ Where XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ..... are the ids you got with the fist command If elementary OS is your only OS why you have the Windows boot loader? You ...
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How to install the 4.4 kernel on a unbootable system

You can boot into a Flash Drive with elementary OS and chroot into your machine. First get root with sudo su, and create some directory using mkdir /mnt/mainOS. Then just mount your HDD with the ...
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Is it possible to install Freya on a laptop with mixed-mode EFI and eMMC flash?

The X205TA it's a really nice notebook. I think you should try this link ubuntu-16.04-install-asus-x205ta, reading some info on the web looks like this can work. Edit: right now I'm runnin the live ...
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Windows is not present in grub menu

This is an issue not directly related to eOS, and so you are probably better off asking at other (more frequented) places, or searching those places for an answer. This post on Ask Ubuntu might be ...
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Can't Install Elementary OS Hera on Dell Precision 3541

I ended up returning the device to Dell and ordering an Oryx Pro from System76 which is rated online as a Elementary OS friendly device.
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keyboard wont work!

You might want to check this site It says: The Secure Boot option needs to be disabled within the UEFI setup menu. A OTG adapter and powered USB hub with an external mouse and keyboard are ...
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Increased idle RAM usage with time on eos Juno

I updated my kernel to kernel v4.18 on my Acer laptop with a AMD A12 and Radeon RX and it gave me all types of problems, went back to 4.15 and the problems stopped. I would try down grading your ...
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Help Fixing Grub Misconfiguration

I can recommend you to try Boot Repair application installed after you boot from the live USB/CD. Boot your computer from the live USB, choose "Try elementary OS without installing it". Once you are ...
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Empty /boot/efi after a fresh install of elementary OS 5.0 (Juno)

Solved My main problem was that I was unable to access the BIOS, as the normal method for my laptop didn't work (i.e., when the laptop is OFF, press & hold F2 and turn it ON, keep holding F2 until ...
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elementary OS installer crashes

There seems to be a bug with running the installer in Finnish. What I've done with elementary installations is that I've run the installer in English and afterwards changed the language to Finnish ...
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Laptop display not recognized - Dual boot elementary and Windows 10

Your graphics card should be perfectly supported. I also have a 1070 in my desktop PC and assuming your information is correct you also have the desktop card in your notebook. I dont know if this ...
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Which Boot option should i use?

After a couple of searches . The difference between UEFI Boot and Legacy boot is the process that the firmware uses to find the boot target. Legacy Boot is the boot process used by BIOS firmware. The ...
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Troubles installing Grub in UEFI mode

Hi I just received my XPS15 9560 as well and installed Elementary OS dual booting with windows (And of course run into the same issues as you). You need to install Elementary in UEFI mode and not in ...
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Help me installing Linux on a UEFI only Notebook

I've looked into Rufus documentation and found this: I used an UEFI bootable ISO based on grub, but all I get is the grub prompt This can happen if you chose GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer in ...
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"Installer crashed" during install process on a dual boot UEFI Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop

Fixed it. I found a bug reported on launchpad that described my problem, it is apparently due to the installer (ubiquity) trying to open a file that it needs super user permissions for. The work ...
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Force UEFI installation?

I had this problem last night in my laptop and even tho I could solve it I don't have a technical explanation for you. If you force install in UEFI mode it won't boot. As simple as that. I was ...
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Loki installation - 3rd party drivers and UEFI secure boot

I haven't reproduced your situation specificaly but I have been trough same condition once on pure Ubuntu. The package that does that on Ubuntu is "mokutil". If no prompt was shown to you to disable ...
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