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Assuming, that it is indeed "a normal message" as per comment from @matigo the problem is solved and can be closed (my installation went OK BTW)


and I confirm that I had the same problem with the installation in Czech, but if I install the system in English then change the system to Czech, everything works correctly. Thanks to "m94a" for the advice here :-) Original Message: Ahoj všem, a potvrzuji že jsem měl ten samý problém s instalací v CZ, ale při instalaci v ENG všechno proběhlo ...


There are few things to know here. The default Windows EFI partition of 100MB is too small for Windows and Elementary - Elementary will not be able to install on it. You need to create a second EFI partition of 512MB, format it as FAT32 and with "boot,esp" flags, and then configure your BIOS to boot from the second EFI. This means you need to ...


If you hit Alt+F7 when you get to screens that you can't navigate, a hand will appear and you can move the panel around so that you can see the [Next] or [Continue] buttons and press them.

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