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It seems the new update has removed the old icon tray, more info here Now I was used to use the icon tray to pause/play forward and rewind musics. Based on one of the comments on the forum I was wable to create actions to the spotify icon on the dock. First do open the spotify.desktop sudo nano /usr/share/applications/spotify.desktop Then at this at ...


Spotify client is a QT-based application which relies on sni-qt to display it's indicator icon. Maybe somehow sni-qt got removed by uninstalling another application on your machine. Check if sni-qt is installed: dpkg -l | grep sni-qt In case it's not, reinstall it: sudo apt-get install sni-qt


For some reason, Plank is unable to match the Spotify window to the original launcher's .desktop file. It's using a "fallback" icon from the window itself. This seems to be something that happens fairly often on cross-platform, non-native apps like Spotify, Chrome, Minecraft, etc. I haven't tried it myself, but supposedly you can fix it by modifying Spotify'...


Multimedia keys are working fine for me in the latest testing version (1.0.9). In this article you can find how to install it: # Use testing Spotify reposity sudo sh -c 'echo "deb testing non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list' # Add ...


Spotify doesn't register its notifications with the system properly and since its development future appears spotty, my solution for now is to turn off sounds in the "Other" notifications option. This deactivates sounds for all unregistered applications, but such is the way of things.


So, I've found the culprit! The wingpanel-indicator-sound version 2.0.3 is the one that's crashing and thus making the entire wingpanel disappear. Removing the package is a temporary solution. I've already submitted a bug report on the wingpanel-indicator-sound project page.


It's not currently possible, sorry. Stay tuned, though....


I've not used the Snap version of Spotify, but I just installed the Flatpak version from Flathub and it works with scaling out of the box. That should be much easier than trying to manually edit config files! To install Spotify from Flatpak: Visit the Spotify page on Flathub Click the Install button on the web page Depending on your browser, Sideload may ...


So I managed to fix this by re installing noise (the music player), which I had previously removed. Presumably when I removed it I also removed a library which the sound notification in the wingpanel relied on.


i use covergloobus in loki and work fine i install it from this deb files i hope to help you...


This application acts against common expectations, so I'd consider it a bug. Please subscribe to the bug report here so that the devs can ask for help testing solutions. If you want to give the open source devs some extra incentive, try putting a developer bounty on the task.

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