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As a workaround you can create a bash script to run the app. Basically in the EXEC= field you would use your bash script path (i.e.: /home/user/ Then your .sh script should just be used to launch the app: #!/bin/bash GTK_CSD=0 grass74 Save it, 'chmod +x' and that should work –


Try this: From a terminal 'GTK_CSD=0 grass74' when launching the app. Please do it and report back if it worked. Thanks. -Aldo


Running the ls -alh command, as suggested in the "endorama" comment, allowed me to understand that app-file and did not have execute permission. So I changed the permissions by adding the "execute" permission on each file: right-click-> Properties (context menù)-> "Permissions" (pop-up windows) -> "Execute".

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