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Install a Gnome Shell extension

This is likely due to the fact that elementary is running the Pantheon desktop not Gnome Shell. While Pantheon is built upon GTK3, it is not a Gnome Shell desktop. Therefore many things that work in ...
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Ctrl + Tab not working for Loki Terminal with Fish

It seems that there is no (more) Ctrl + Tab hotkey, you can move with Alt+1-9 or Ctrl+Shift+←/→ Cf. Pantheon-terminal key binds
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How to set the default browser from within a shell script

I found this could be done with xdg-settings set default-web-browser brave-browser.desktop where brave-browser.desktop is the desktop file of the desired browser
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Font in Terminal looks corrupted

This issue may be caused by two things: 1) you have modified your system font settings and have set some proportional font (i.e. OpenSans Regular, in which different letters have different widths) ...
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Anaconda Navigator installed successfully but not opening in Elementary OS Hera. How can we resolve this?

I don't think you're supposed to run anaconda-navigator as root. You'll want to make sure that you have installed the application as a normal user and not as root. So don't prefix the command to run ...
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What if ssh does not work?

Make sure you got the right connection information. This is not a system error. More information about SSH and how to use it: (ArchLinux ...
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How to install Fish shell

pantheon-terminal supports its process completion notifications for fish! To enable them, you need to put the following line either in /etc/fish/ to enable them for the entire system or in ~...
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