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I remember seeing it in the system settings applet, but not anymore. Try installing this application sudo apt install blueman This is the standard ubuntu application Best of luck!


Oh for that you have to insall Samba by using this sudo apt-get install samba command from terminal Or you can open the app store and do a search for samba. Once install you should be able to right-click on a folder to share. The other way is to change the permissions of the Public folder in your Home directory to 777(read,write,execute); I personally ...


Back up all the files on your SD card, and format it to something else. (ext3, ext4, ntfs, fat32, etc.) It is possible that the tv does not support the file system on your SD card. (IT IS A REQUIREMENT THAT YOU BACK UP EVERYTHING ON YOUR SD CARD BEFORE FORMATING IT!!!! ALL DATA ON THE CARD WILL BE LOST!!!!) You may have to install a program such as gnome-...


Please update your system. This was a bug but it's fixed. See here

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