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elementary OS Juno is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Any system update to core Ubuntu will have affect on elementary OS too. It means when Ubuntu 18.04 has been patched with latest sudo, it will be on elementary OS too. You need update your system then to get the new patch. From your shared link, It's telling: The problem can be corrected by updating your ...


You said in a comment it was on your own domain. Rather than using a self signed certificate, I'd encourage you to use Let's Encrypt I'm using it for my own nextcloud, as well as a home developed webapp. They've got great tools and docs to help you set it up, and even auto refresh it at 90 day intervals. What they give you is a FREE (as in beer, at least) ...


I am not quite sure about your situation, but what I can recommend you is to check out this administrator account in System settings > User accounts - have you ticked in "log in automatically" for this account? Probably this is the reason why your computer log in into it automatically.

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