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Installing Elementary on an iMac Pro

As the Mac is quite new I believe it has a T2 security chip (even though it doesn’t have a fingerprint reader which is generally the give away that a T1 or T2 chip is present on MacBooks). The way the ...
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Issue installing elementary on Sony Vaio laptop

This is likely caused by a "secure boot" UEFI flag in your BIOS. You'll need to reboot and press the key on your laptop to enter the BIOS (probably F2). From there, you should be able to find an ...
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Empty /boot/efi after a fresh install of elementary OS 5.0 (Juno)

Solved My main problem was that I was unable to access the BIOS, as the normal method for my laptop didn't work (i.e., when the laptop is OFF, press & hold F2 and turn it ON, keep holding F2 until ...
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