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I installed gnome-search-tool: sudo apt-get install gnome-search-tool Create find.contract in /usr/share/contractor and add to the entry: [Contractor Entry] Name=Search Here Description=Find files MimeType=inode;application/x-sh;application/x-executable; Exec=gnome-search-tool --path=%f %U After these steps, I can use advanced search in any folder.


I highly suggest you to try Synapse launcher. It's basically an alternative application launcher that can search for files as well as applications. It just sits there in wingpanel and gets activated once you press the keyboard shortcut : Ctrl+Space (which you can modify to be anything you want to). You can add and remove extensions so it searches for ...


This is currently not possible. You may report a "wishlist"-priority bug to launchpad for pantheon-files so that a designer may consider adding this option, even though it is probably unlikely unless you can make a good point about usability. After internal discussions we put a strong limit on the total number of search results, mainly because you are ...


Actually this limit of 10 is hard-coded in the software code of pantheon-files (libwidgets/View/SearchResults.vala, lines 59-61) const int MAX_RESULTS = 10; const int MAX_DEPTH = 5; const int DELAY_ADDING_RESULTS = 150; You can even increase this number in order to display more results, but nevertheless the number of results displayed stays ...


If you, like me, prefer K-Find rather than Gnome Search Tool, then install K-Find through sudo apt-get install kfind, run sudo nano /usr/share/contractor/find.contract (see for more info) and paste the following content: [Contractor Entry] Name=Search here Description=Find files here MimeType=inode;application/x-sh;...


No Slingshot does not search files or folders. It searches apps, actions, and settings


apt is not really related to the traditional apt-something commands, it's another application. apt search means you started the application apt with the parameter search. As far as I know apt is under active development and most likely unstable in Ubuntu 14.04. To search the cache for packages, you should use apt-cache search.


Elementary app launcher does not have such option.


I don't think the feature exists in Code yet. However, a simple workaround is: Right-click the folder / project, select "Open in" > "Terminal" Type in the command: grep -Ril "text to search for" . That will list all the files containing that text. Some notes: . Means search from the current folder -R Searches recursively, not just files in the current ...


This worked for me: mv ~/.local/share/applications ~/.local/share/applications.temp I eventually removed the applications.temp folder. source


You can directly search for file/folder in current directory by typing name of the file you want. If you want any specific tool for thispurpose: use gnome-search-tool To install open terminal and run: sudo apt-get install gnome-search-tool Now open and search. You can modify search using select more options For your second requirement: Here data is ...


You can achieve this using xdotool. xdotool lets you simulate keyboard input and mouse activity, move and resize windows, etc. Step 1: Install xdotool. sudo apt-get install xdotool Step 2: Move your mouse over the synapse icon and get mouse location xdotool getmouselocation You should get output like this x:1117 y:24 screen:0 window:39845936 Step 3: ...


For a search app with more features, use Catfish. You can look for it in the Software Center or install it via command line (ie: in Terminal) using: sudo apt-get install catfish

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