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Is there a way to refresh the Pantheon-Files "Entire-Network"

Try killing the gvfs process. It will automatically restart when needed. I haven't had a chance to test this but hopefully it will work. You could also try disabling and re-enabling networking. ...
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Is thera a GUI tool for setting up the samba server?

Create file: sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf Run with sudo: sudo system-config-samba *** Work for me!
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The share plugin in switchboard seems not to work in Loki

It works perfectly, it enables DLNA server functionality, NOT Samba. :)
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Pantheon-files just can't remember my samba password

If you are comfortable using the command line, the advice here will help you: Basically, you need to create an entry in /etc/fstab that will try ...
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Anyone tried getting netatalk working on elementary os?

yes. sudo apt install netatalk I am currently using Pantheon with netatalk for file sharing and Time Machine
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Slow smb mounts

I use another method to mount my SMB shares. I have a script with a line like the following for each share: gvfs-mount smb://<SERVER>/<SHARE> & The commands are run in the background ...
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