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Run Pantheon Files as root

Enter the following command in Terminal io.elementary.files-pkexec In the old Files window, press ctrl+L to get your current path In your new Files window, press ctrl+L, paste in the path you just ...
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Getting Root 0000

The default behavior of Ubuntu based distributions is to lock the root account to encourage the safer behavior of using sudo on individual commands that need escalated priveleges. That way you're not ...
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Running apps as root (using AppEditor)

sudo is a command-line tool, you need to use gksudo instead in this case as this will pop up a dialogue asking for the password. However, this is probably not what you really want to do as it means ...
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Create your root folder called "gtk-hello"

Its just a regular folder. From the coding tutorial perspective, it will become the root folder. All following components and code will be filled in that folder.
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Unable to open scratch as root

I managed to solve this by opening dconf editor as root (gksu dconf-editor) and then navigating to org/pantheon/scratch/settings and setting "focused-document-view1" and "opened-files-view1" to ...
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Add custom launcher

I think you need to change the following value in your *.desktop file in the following: Terminal=false You can add icon to the Application Menu, which is in left side of the top panel, manual or ...
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Superuser/root password does not match user password

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, Ubuntu creates the root user without a password. This is a security measure as Linux does not allow anyone to log into a user account that doesn't have a password. So ...
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