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Google Calendar Integration (Jolnir 6.1)

I just did it now. I also have 2FA. Generate an app password for the calendar in your google account. Open Maya (elementary Calendar) and add new google calendar from the cog menu (top right). Fill ...
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2 votes

Files application crash while creating a new file

After today's update of Files application everything is working properly, I can create a new file.
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1 vote

Viber doesn't launch after update eOS 6.1

It seemed there is a bug in QT: To launch, try the command: env QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE= flatpak run com.viber.Viber
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1 vote

VMWare Horizon Client v2203 fails to launch on Elementary OS 6.1 after fresh installation

After installing it indeed, the window does not open. Trying to run it form the Terminal gives us some nice clues: And the issue seems to be pretty common with many distros. In short, uncomment the #...
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freezes when uploading something

Same issue since 1st February. Error report sent twice after restart I'm uploading a screenshot, fingers crossed that the computer doesn't crash ;) My first assumptions were Google Chromium via ...
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