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How to get HP laptop to boot rEFInd

I recommend that you first disable automatic boot repair from a console in Windows: bcdedit /set {current} recoveryenabled No Try now if that has solved your problem. If not, you may have to ...
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Elementary OS 6 installation without grub boot-loader

I opened a terminal console and ran: sudo apt install ubiquiti Then: ubiquity -b I managed to run the installation and was able to boot it but it throws a problem with the password. It does not ...
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dual boot loki + osx on mac mini

I run elementary on a mini. I've run dual boot and just elementary. I've always had more luck with refind than with just grub. It can be installed but you have to disable system integrity protection. ...
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Can I create a rEFInd entry for elementary OS that always uses the latest kernel?

My refind config file is this: resolution 1366 768 use_graphics_for linux,grub,windows dont_scan_dirs /EFI/ubuntu,boot,/EFI/freebsd default_selection "Elementary OS" dont_scan_files /EFI/Boot/BOOTX64....
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