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AMD Dual GPU Issue

Thanks a lot ! I did many research (and re-install ^^") before seeing your answer... and i found a solution which, i think, is interesting When you're installing Elementary OS, he ask if you want to ...
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How do I install AMD drivers for rx480 card?

Do the following steps to install amdgpu-pro drivers for Radeon RX 480: 1) Download driver 2) Go to your Downloads directory ...
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Loki Laptop, no sound through Radeon HDMI

So for anyone else who may be experiencing this issue: The lack of HDMI audio is documented on Ubuntu's AMDGPU and AMDGPU-Pro wiki pages. As of Ubuntu 16.04, only the open source AMDGPU/amdgpu-Pro ...
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Loki: AMDGPU-PRO drivers black screen my machine

I also have an AMD RX 460 based card that I got a few weeks ago which I understand is not quite yet supported by Ubuntu 16.04 (and thus Loki) with the current 4.4 kernel but if you wait for just a few ...
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How to install driver for graphic adapter

your gpu is too old, the propietary driver don't support it anymore, you need to use the open source driver (when you install elementary you are already using it), if you want to use a version a ...
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elementary OS VM on new laptop and AMD video card, how to change video driver

The Virtual Box forum provided an answer so I thought I would share it in case anyone else encounters this problem. The solution was to Enable 3D Acceleration on the VM.
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