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How to use the compose key in Qt apps?

You have to install the package ibus-qt4.
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How to adapt the Elementary Look & Feel in Qt-written apps?

AFAIK the L&F would probably be achieved delegating the rendering to GTK from the Qt app. The problem is that all of the eOS APIs, IIRC, are written in Vala therefore you won't be able to interact ...
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Anaconda Navigator installed successfully but not opening in Elementary OS Hera. How can we resolve this?

I don't think you're supposed to run anaconda-navigator as root. You'll want to make sure that you have installed the application as a normal user and not as root. So don't prefix the command to run ...
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Some emojis are black and white in Anki (qt programme) instead of colored like in other applications

All right! After searching around, stumbling upon Twitter Color Emoji (spoiler: doesn't work on Linux - only for Firefox: ...
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VLC Player; User Interface completely altered because Qt scaling is broken

This situation with VLC appeared on my Elementary-Os too. I found a solution in the Ubuntu forum and videolan forum So, what you can do is, open a terminal and open the environment file: sudo ...
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Korganizer looks stranger on elementary OS

Installing libqt5libqgtk2 solves this issue.
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