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Can't install Anaconda

Open the .bashrc file in your home directory. Near the bottom of the file you will see the mentioned troublesome line: esac# added by Anaconda3 5.3.1 installer just add a newline and save, so it ...
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Installing Python 3.8 or 3.9

Only the Ubuntu / Debian packages name the executable for Python 3 python3. If you're compiling and installing from source, then the Python 3 executable should just be python. What is the output of ...
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Anaconda Navigator installed successfully but not opening in Elementary OS Hera. How can we resolve this?

I don't think you're supposed to run anaconda-navigator as root. You'll want to make sure that you have installed the application as a normal user and not as root. So don't prefix the command to run ...
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1 vote

add-apt-repository not working

I found out it was because it was trying to use ipv6.
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How to install Avant Window Navigator

After reading about the project I don't recommend you to install this. Is too old and hasn't been active for years. If you still want to install it, I could hep you with your errors but probably you'...
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Is anyone a Node.js developer using elementary OS?

I develop for Node, and React using EOS, I use Sublime Text usually, but I have VS Code installed too. I've used that for Golang and opened node projects with it. It works well. The terminal is great,...
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1 vote

How to completely remove Python 2 and install Python 3?

I have seen that done before (2.7 replacing 2.4) and things didn't go really well. As @Renato A. has mentioned, lots of Linux packages uses Python 2. You can check the files on /bin or /usr/bin and ...
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Detecting USB Insertion/Removal

In modern Linux kernels, you can use udev to detect removable disks. You can read about udev at: Ubuntu Manpages I'm not a Python expert, but i have find a module about using udev, so you can try ...
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how do I fix python version for freya?

If the original package is still available somewhere in your repositories, you could do that with sudo apt install -f python=2.7.6 After this, you might still have to run sudo apt install -f a ...
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